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SECTION 1 -   The objective of SPORTCAST USA shall be to promote and further the
                      sport of surfcasting and tournament casting throughout the United States
                      of America and its territories.

SECTION 2 -   SPORTCAST USA shall act to promote and increase friendship and
                      goodwill among surfcasters and long distance casters.

SECTION 3 -   SPORTCAST USA shall promote and foster competition among the
                     surfcasters and will attempt to further its' members knowledge in the
                     safe conduct of the sport.

SECTION 4 -   SPORTCAST USA shall guide, encourage and assist in the
                     organization of casting clubs.

SECTION 5 -   SPORTCAST USA shall attempt to standardize policies and rules for
                      tournament casting.

                      SPORTCAST USA will conduct training programs for the purpose of
                      improving casting techniques.

SECTION 6 -   SPORTCAST USA shall be non-sectarian and free from any
                     political affiliation.

SECTION 7 -   SPORTCAST USA meetings shall be devoted to the business of the
                     organization and to the furtherance of its objectives.